The role of mass marketing reverse ((Demarketig in the prevention or the use of technical products - an exploratory study of the views of a sample of the smokers in the city of Mosul


Known marketing reverse as an attempt or a means to reduce or limit the demand for consumption of a particular commodity or a product on the basis of permanent or temporary and can lead the attempt to growing demand, which may have some effects (effect) on the objectives of the organization.
Can be used as marketing reverse as a means to reduce or mitigate the demand reverse or types of application and is used with its relationship phase of certain equipment and to recognize the company (organization) that the marketing reverse is absolutely imperative then all the entrances of marketing can be applied and has taken a marketing it is important Mazlh to reduce demand as well Mazlh increased demand and should not be classified as a reverse marketing just marketing in the opposite direction
the reverse marketing reverse marketing. The image of the marketing reverse become a matter of very hot at the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century, especially with such a case known when he became the processing types of needs is very limited.
The researcher studied the subject on a sample of the smokers in the city of Mosul, using the means of marketing reverse the reduction or technicians of this phenomenon and the researcher to a number of conclusions and recommendations in the text cursor.