The Middle East in the European Union’s Foreign Policy Strategy


This article explores the debate whether the European Union has common and comprehensive strategy toward the Middle East and North African region (MENA). In principle, the EU founded a number of institutions to deal specifically with major issues of the Middle East. In action, the European common foreign policy towards the MENA region seems less binding to the principles of unanimity. The region poses serious threats to EU member states, but provides potential as well. The Middle East region is fulcrum point of Great Power competition that is one of the reasons makes the EU’s distinct strategy prone to the US’s policy in the region. The article argues that, despite policy initiatives to create a European foreign policy for MNEA region, there is a paradox in the EU member state approach to the Middle Eastern politics. Member states seem to be more united to counter security threat from the Middle East and North African region, but they value more unilateral policy in the time of stability.