Environmental and Diagnostic Study of External Parasites of Some Fish of Lower Zab River and Development Ponds Fishes in Kirkuk Governorate


The study was conducted in the laboratories of College of Education for women/University of Tikrit and Environmental Laboratory in Science College/University of Kirkuk, for the period from July 2018 until end of December 2018, during which 773 fish were collected, including 358 fish from fishes of education ponds (Cyprinus carpio and Barbus lutens) and 415 from Lower Zab River fish (Barbus sharpeyi, Barbus xanthopterus, Silurus glanis).The results recorded the infection of fish with three types of external primary parasites: Trichodina elegini in B. xanthopterus and breeding pond fish (C. carpio and donkeys), Chilodonella cyprinid by 7.9% in C. carpio fish from ponds and B. xanthopterus fish by 7.5% and 5.4% in B. sharpeyi fish, and there was no infection in S. glanis and B. lutens fish , Einaria sinensis, 14.8% in S. glanis fish, 9.589% in C. carpio fish from ponds, 8.17% in B. xanthopterus and 6.081% in B. sharpeyi fish.Changes were recorded in some of physical and chemical properties of water samples, as fluctuations in the average temperature of water were recorded between 26.7-11.5 ° C in river stations and 28-19 ° C in ponds stations, and the discretion values showed site rates ranging from 28.9-21.6 NTU to water in river stations and 24. 6-20 NTU in ponds stations, a rate of electrical conductivity was recorded565-369micemens /cm for water in river stations and 690-408 micrometers / cm in ponds stations, pH values ranged between 8.3-7.2 in river sites and 8.4-7 in ponds, and scored Variations in oxygen biomarker values between 4.4-0.6 mg / l in river stations and 5.2-1.9 in ponds .