The recall of traditional religious characters in the poems of najāh ibrāhīm


Abstract:Calling tradition is one of the most prominent technical features and methods in politeness and has a special place among contemporary Arabic Poets because of the connection that it has between tradition and humans in which there is no human tradition. Many scholars and poets have turned to tradition, particularly the call for traditional personalities and it’s various forms, among them was the Syrian poet najāh ibrāhīm who took this step. And she used tradition in his poems with various types. Characters play an important role in the poet’s with many implications and explanations in the audience’s mind. In this study, we rely on a descriptive-analytic approach to identify the religious characters that najāh ibrāhīm’s called in his poetry treasures. We also examine the implications of those characters by which they explain their mental states. In this way, characters such as characters of the prophets, characters of women, Islamic characters and the will be analyzed. The results of the study show that the poet’s calling of the characters is not merely a quotation of the characters as a means of making the story beautiful Rather, it is a reaction to what is happening in nations and in human society, just as the story of prophet yūsuf and his brothers to reveal the treachery of the Arab world and used two characters of Hājar and Maryam to express the sorrow of the motherland against the misfortunes of the day.