The capabilities building crisis between the dialectical of red queens theory and knowledge theory An inductive study according to Strategic perspective


The research aimed to clarify the contents of the capabilities crisis in the organizations operating in the Iraqi environment after noting the clear decline in all political, economic, legal, and even social sectors, the research was based on achieving this based on what realistic philosophy provides and the inductive approach derived from it to root the problems by tracing theorizing and intellectual propositions to find an inductive solution, the hypothetical argument was used between the ability provided by the theory of red queens to motivate organizations to learn and development on the one hand and the knowledge theory and the mechanisms it provides for cognitive building that contribute in transforming the possessions of organizations from tacit knowledge to dynamic capabilities that achieve growth in all economic, political, legal and social sectors, which is the most important. The research concluded that achieving the philosophical combination in the management of organizations between the two theories would contribute to capabilities building and the succession of crises.