The role of stakeholders in defining manigerail reform strategies A field study in the Nineveh Education Directorate


The aim of the research is to measure the extent of the relationship and influence of stakeholders in determining the managerial reforming strategy in the researched field represented by the Nineveh Education Directorate. The research problem was based on determining the most appropriate strategy among the managerial reform strategies and the extent of the influence of stakeholders in achieving managerial reform. The research adopted the descriptive analytical approach, Using a synthesis questionnaire based on a set of global standards, 65 forms were retrieved, 50 of which were retrieved from the sample distributed to the sample of officials in the research organization, and a set of statistical methods were approved Selected to analyze the relationship and effect between variables. Let the research come out wit h a set of conclusions represented by the absence of a relationship and influence between the stakeholders and managerial reform in the researched organization.