The effect of (CROSS FIT) exercises on some physiological indicators of 100-meter swimmers among young people


The research aims to investigate the effect of (CROSS FIT) exercises on some physiological indicators of 100m chest swimmers. The research was conducted on a sample of the national youth team for short distances 100m and their number was (12). The exploratory experiment was conducted on (4) swimmers from the main research sample, and after providing all the requirements and needs necessary to implement the research program, the researcher proceeded to conduct the pre-test, which included the application of some physiological tests to see the effect of the exercises prepared in the style of (CROSS FIT) on them and after that the researcher conducted a swimming test 100 pm was issued on the research sample and after completing the test and recording the results in a special form, exercises prepared using the method (CROSS FIT) In a scientific and thoughtful way on the research sample, and after the completion of the application of these exercises, post-tests were conducted, and the data were collected and analyzed. The researcher concluded that the exercises that were applied to the research sample had a role in improving the physiological indicators and thus the development of the digital level of the 100-meter swimmers for the youth group. The researcher recommended The necessity to select the appropriate exercises for this category that suit their levels and the training objective in order to raise the digital level of the research sample.