Ornamental Materials Industry in Ancient Iraq


The manufacture of ornamental materials for ancient Iraqis is one of the oldest industries of the human being, as it is known that man always searches for materials that adorn them and highlight the beautiful and decent qualities through them, especially women who are interested in appearing beautiful.It is known that ornamental materials are luxury materials for humans and express beauty, both for the face or the smell of the body and place, so we will focus on ornamental materials and not ornamental tools and the topic of our research will be the manufacture of ornamental materials, which are represented by the face powder, eyeliner and lipstick, and then we will talk about perfumes after that as complementary materials for decoration and gives the person psychological comfort and get rid of bad smells, especially in the summer.The research relied on its scientific material on what was discovered in ancient graves of materials indicating that they were used in cosmetics, including some holdings in this regard made of gold, silver, and ivory, as was relying on many texts that referred to cosmetics whether they were used to beautify The face and the most important part of it are the eyes, eyebrows or aromatherapy substances mentioned in these texts, and all of these combined, whether ornamental materials or perfumes give an aesthetic appearance to the person that increases its splendor of its attractiveness and that every person's demand is old and new.