The Differences Between Kharijites and Prostitutes - A Nodal Study


There was a mistake among some of the scholars in the two concepts of Kharijites and aggressors، as they did not differentiate between the two categories. Some of them made everyone who came out to his governor from the outlaw Kharijites، and this appears in the books of articles. Shafi’i.So, this research came to confirm the approve the mistake and reveal its causes، then explain the differences and its proofs.The research also showed that differentiation is the correct position and its validity is based on the legal texts that dispraised the Kharijites and ordered to kill and fight them while ordering to reform among Muslims، besides that its indications are based on the understanding of the companions and their applying، particularly Ali Ibn Abi Talib and other prophet followers with him in his days. He was the first follower who Suffered by the two groups.The Hadith clerks found the difference، so they wrote chapters to fight the Kharijites، and they did not do the same to fight the aggressors، which is dictated by the texts and required by the prophet followers understanding.The research concluded that the Kharijites differ from. the Kharijites start from an ideological position that disbelieves the Muslims while the aggressors start from life interests. The Kharijites is an invalid interpretation. The aggressors either a justification or a guilt is just. It is permissible for the Kharijites to start fighting them but the Muslims seek to reclaim the aggressors and they only fight them after efforts for peace are impossible. There are law and religious differences the research does not discuss them because of the specialization.The research recommended the necessity of studying the differences by a historical، ideological and religious studies that gathers the whole sides of this topic and examines it critically. This research is limited in the ideological aspect because of Specialization.