The effect of high temperatures on traffic accidents in Babylon Governorate for the period (2007-2017)


That heat has a major impact on the various activities that a person performs. On the transportation side, heat has a clear effect on a person’s climatic comfort and health, whether it is (the vehicle’s leader or the road user). Building roads and causing gaps and cracks in them, which leads to many traffic accidents. As for their impact on the vehicle, it affects at its great height the vehicle’s breakdown and some parts of it stop working. It also leads to the explosion of the vehicle's tire in summer as a result of the expansion of the air inside the tires with the increase in temperature, which increases its size, which exposes the vehicle to crashes or collisions due to the difficulty of controlling it. The study also found that the months that record a significant increase in their value (June, July, August, September) record a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents during the year, and that there is a very strong direct correlation relationship between high temperatures during these months and more accidents Traffic during it, and this confirms that heat has a significant impact on the increase in the number of traffic accidents and their uneven number in the study area.