Five inbred lines of maize IK8, W 13 R, ZM 7, ZP, ZM 47 W were used in half diallel crosses accorded to Griffing methods 1956 fixed model study the combining ability Genotype (5 parent +10 Hybrid) in the field of college of agriculture and forests in autumn season, 2013 using R.C.B.D. Design in three replication the characters studied were: number of days to silk and tassel flowering ,plant height, ear diameter, ear length ,number of rows in ear, number of grains in ear,100-grain weight and plant grain yield. Mean squares for general and specific combining abilities were significant for all characters except for plant height which was not Significant for general combining ability. The ratio of the components for the general &specific combining abilities was less than one for all the characters. The inbred line ZP was better than others in its general combining ability effect for number of days to tassel flowering, ear diameter, ear length, number of grains in ear,100-grain weight, The cross (ZM 47 W × W 13 R) exhibited significant specific combining ability effect in desired direction for number of days to tassel and silk flowering, , ear diameter, ear length ,number of grains in ear,100-grain weight.