The Effect of Breathing Exercises on Relation and Self – Talk on Developing Ambition Level According to VTS – Sport and Achievement in Long Distance Runners


The importance of the research lies in designing special psychological exercises that depends on breathing and relaxation for developing the level of reassurance in long distance runners specially 5000m because those runners spend long time during hard training thus they require training for forgetting pain and fatigue. The research aimed at designing exercises that depends on breathing and relaxation and self - talk as well as identifying a scale for ambition level according to VST – Sport and 5000m running achievement. The researchers hypothesized significant differences in favor of the posttests of the experimental group. The subjects were (10) long distance runners divided into two groups. Three variables were selected from VTS – Sport. The results showed the effect of psychological exercises after 12 weeks with 36 training sessions as well as significant results in favor the experimental group. Keywords : breathing, self – talk, 5000m running, psychological training program