STUDIES ON POPLAR LEAFMINER Japanagromyza salicifollii Collin (Agromyzidae; Diptera)


The results of the recent study, showed that their, were two generation for the Japanagromyza salicifollii. The spring generation start at the 1st week of may/2011 and end at last week of June/2011,while the autum generation insects appeared at the 1st week of September/2011 and lasted at the 4th week of November/2011.The insects trees attack was the highest during autum generation in comparison with spring generation ,the general mean infection of tree branches,reached %47.83 and %100 for spring and autum generation respectively. The results also revealed a significant and positive correlation between temperature and relative humidity with number of infected leaves and its percentage and number of infected branches and its percentage for spring and autum generation. The values of distribution index of mines on poplar leaves showed that the mines takes an aggregate pattern of distribution. The general mean of damaged leaf area by the leaf miners reached %5.84.