The Impact of Absence of Educational Television and Data Show on English Teaching by the Iraqi Primary Schools.


The present study deals with the issues of the lack of educational television and a systematic agenda of special programs to prepare the Iraqi young children towards the schools' life. Besides, it is also dealt with the lack of using data show partially or totally by Iraqi schools. Accordingly, the study discusses those issues within three sections to concern firstly with literature review of self-regulated and class learning in addition to the types of motivation and their roles in learning.Whereas, the second section exposes theoretical framework about the main two theories of visual aids, the impact of visual aids in learning, and a brief historical review about the educational television in Iraq. Consequently, the third section is the practical work of the study by which the results of the effect of using the data show and laptop are summed through oral tests. Students of the first primary class has been chosen in addition to written questionnaires has been supplied concerning with the views of some teachers and media figures. And here, the analyses are calculated according to the suitable static methods through several variables that the study is applied like Percentage, Mean, and static charts. Moreover, conclusions, suggestions, indices, and an abstract in Arabic are supplied.