The Moral Perfection of the Human Being in the light of Islamic Rationality: A Study of the Relationship between Rationality and Spirituality


The topic of spirituality and its moral dimensions is one of the important contemporary studies, as it receives great attention in the contemporary world. This is because the moral element is a cornerstone of human existence, and among the issues that cannot accept doubt and hesitation. Islam also confirms this and affirms its validity of Islamic rationality.Spirituality is a metaphysical and non-material tendency, which conferred on the daily and material life of the human being a new meaning that goes beyond the material and ordinary one. In light of Islamic rationalism, the spiritual is distinguished by a set of important characteristics and advantages, such that lack of interest in it leads to a set of damages and disastrous consequences.Hence, this article seeks to look at this sensitive issue. The issue of morality and spirituality, so that it tries to approach it and give a presentation on the various characteristics of the spirituality in light of Islamic rationalism, through an analytical, descriptive and comparative approach.