The dynamic analysis of some body in the normal progression and its relation with the accuracy of stabbing of duelist in the team of Physical Education and Sport Science College in Anbar University


The aim of research is to know:1-Knowing the relation between some suitable body corners for each type and its relation with accuracy if stabbing.The research has found:1-There are significant statistical differences between essential groups and the valid model in some body corners. The description methodology was used because it was suitable for nature of my research. The picturing was done on the sample of eight students that were randomly selected as representative to the team of Sport education college- University of Anbar. The absent students and those who did not come to the picturing sessions were eliminated. However, the required variables of the study were calculated by using the analysis software: Kinovea in order to get the required corner values and dealing with it statistically by using some statistical formulas the results were discussed and then some conclusions were put as follows:1-The sample level was weak in getting ideal corners that approach the ideal model.While the recommendations were:1-It is essential to use the mechanic basic in order to achieve the speed element and accuracy of stabbing with duel foil through the suitable dealing of stabbing position that was by fitting specific part from the performance. 2-The certainty of lower mechanical position of the knee join corner of the front leg as it has mechanical benefit in supporting the movement performance. 3-It is necessary to perform other studies depending of variable analysis (kinetic-kinematic) which I did not mention in my research in order to the integrity of accompanied conditions of skillful of stabbing accuracy with all kinds of foils.