The Reality of Chemical Safety and Security at Al-Qasim Green University and Future Directions


The Al-Qasim Green University begins after two years from the date of their establishment at 2012, to adopt training programs on chemical safety and security and the definition of their importance at different areas and applications, through their efforts and coordination with the central committee of the safety and security for the chemical, biological and radiological at the University of Babylon to work these programs for staff under the auspices of the president of the university, the first on 23 Nov-04 Dec 2014, then those training programs were connected directly with the global program for chemical security funded by a civilian international institutions associated with the league of United Nations, which has been implemented (14) as training programs or workshops at colleges of the university. In this study will clarify the role of the university to adopt different and varied projects and programs about chemical safety and security for different staff of students (undergraduate and postgraduate studies), leaders and administrators of the professors, staff and researchers at the administrative offices, science laboratories and chemical stores as well as workers at field of the protection and university guards. The planning and classification of such programs were achieved on the basis such as qualification of trainees, training hubs, training objectives, etc. As well as follow basis of organizational factors such as establishing of administrative units in all colleges and central committee at presidency of the university. However, it became necessary to draw a road map for the steps and future orientations adopted by the university's policy to create a trained generations, acquired with safety and security skills and how to deal with hazardous materials and keeping them from being misused, all of this would achieve the principle of partnership and community service, right up to the sustainable development and green future for next generations.