Reflection of marketing deception in organizational reputation / applied research in Baghdad pharmacies


The research aims to provide an integrated knowledge framework for the two basic research topics of (marketing deception, organizational reputation), their main dimensions, and framing the knowledge within them in a serious attempt to provide appropriate answers to the questions of the research problem by diagnosing the nature of the relationship between the components of marketing deception to identify the elements and how to activate it via reputable organizational components. The research was based on the analytical survey method. The research sample targeted (364) pharmacies within the capital Baghdad exclusively, the main tool of the research was the questionnaire, as well as the design of models prepared for the interviews based on a set of global standards for the research variables that were adapted to the needs of the Iraqi environment. The most prominent results that appeared in the research there was a diagnosis of marketing deception at a high level to which pharmacies are exposed, as the evaluation in the pharmacy sample was at a very good level, and this means that pharmacies suffer from a high level of deception in marketing by companies with regard to deception in the product, price and promotion, and distribution.The most important recommendations are the need to pay attention to pharmacies in the appointment of people with expertise in the field of pharmaceutical products as well as seeking the necessary knowledge of business dealings on the one hand and that knowledge on the components and ratios and effective materials for new or newly developed products by companies and to recognize the differences between products of different origins for the purpose to avoid the trap of deception in the promotion of pharmaceutical products.