Management ignorance of human resources to enhance their green management practices by mediating the spirituality of action


The main purpose of this research is to explain the role played by the management of ignorance of human resources in promoting its green management practices by mediating the spirituality of work. The problem of research indicates that there is a failure to employ the administration of ignorance to promote the green practices of this vital administration. The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive approach in its practical aspect. The questionnaire was adopted as a main tool for data collection, which was prepared based on a number of ready-made measurements after taki (SPSS) and (AMOCE) were used in the introduction and analysis of the data. After processing, a number of results were reached confirming the validity of the hypotheses , Which recommended the need to strengthen the expertise and knowledge related to the variables examined by the human resources of the organization in question in order to enhance its reputation in the environment within its borders.