The Identification of Writing-Related Grammar Needs of the EFL Iraqi Learners at the University Level


This study applies the procedures of Needs Analysis to identify the writing-related grammar needs of the EFL Iraqi students at the Department of English, College of Arts, University of Basra using Hutchinson and Waters' 1987 learning-centred approach. The study reviews the second-year grammar course, in the Department of English concerned, to find out to what extent it has a clear bearing on the students' writing outcome. The data were collected via a questionnaire distributed to 63 participants. The questionnaire combined both open- ended and closed-ended items; hence, the mixed methods research was employed in this study. The results showed that the designing of the second-year grammar course was not based on needs analysis procedures, and consequently the students' writing-related grammar needs might not be met in that course. Another major finding discovered in this study was the contextualization of grammar teaching whose absence had a negative influence on students' writing ability. The study recommended improving the current grammar course by means of replacing the textbook used and proposing further necessary materials that could help to introduce grammar in the context of writing.