3D Slot Roughness of Contemporary Ceramic Brackets Omar S. Ali Department of Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, Al- Mosul University, Iraq. Introduction: The success


Purpose of Study: To examine the roughness of slots of three ceramic brackets. Materials and Methods: Three ceramic bracket types (Encore, Reflections and Inspire ICE). The bottom of each slot of every bracket was selected for evaluation and pictures were taken by optical microscopy at magnification (20x) for a general estimation of the roughness. Then the roughness parameters (Sa, Sq, St, Sz) of every slot were examined in a 3D optical profilometer in a higher magnification. Results: The picture from Optical microscope gave a differences of textural morphology of brackets slots for tested brackets. Metallic slots gave differences of grooves and striations whereas plastic slots presented peaks and pits. Inspire ICE showed the highest Sa and Sq value, statistically higher than the other brackets tested. Reflections gave the highest Sz and St values, which were statistically significant higher than the other brackets, followed by Inspire ICE which presented statistically significant higher values compared to Encore. Conclusions: The significant differences were revealed through 3D-images and roughness parameters of slots gives significantly different among the tested bracket. Encore and exhibited low roughness parameters.