RMSRS: Rover Multi-purpose Surveillance Robotic System


The development of the internet of things (IoT) and the internet of robotics (IoR) is becoming increasingly involved with our daily lives. It serves a variety of tasks; some of them are essential in human life like real-time remote monitoring to avoid hazards in dangerous situations. The main objective of our robot is to develop a surveillance system for detecting suspicious and target places without any loss in human life. This paper shows the design and implementation of the robotic surveillance platform during real-time monitoring with the help of image processing. The robotic live streaming is provided by two cameras, the first one is fixed straight on the road, and the second is dynamic with tilt-pan ability. Both of the two cameras have image processing capabilities to analyze, detect, and track objects plus a few other graphical functions. These components are built on the top of the four-wheel vehicle system with high torque to provide mobility on rough terrain. This work is based on Raspberry Pi and can be controlled through Wi-Fi locally or publicly over the internet with TCP protocol. The results show high potential, relatively low price robot with lots of features and functions that can perform multiple tasks simultaneously; all are crucial to surveillance and monitoring problems, controlled by a user from far distances and for a longer time.