The role of cleaner production cost in achieving sustainable competitive advantage


The research aims to explain the role of cleaner production and the impact of its application on the economic unit costs, its tools and techniques that contribute to supporting and achieving sustainable competitive advantage by raising the environmental and financial performance of the economic unit and reducing the rates of environmental pollution and producing sustainable environmentally friendly products. In order to meet competitive challenges and achieve social, economic and environmental development, and analysis the internal and external environment of the economic unit through the entrances of the sustainable competitive advantage to determine the appropriate competitive strategies for it, and the adoption of the cleaner production strategy helps in the foundation optimum yields for available resources and reduce energy consumption, which contributes to reducing costs, increasing productivity, achieving growth and persistence, improving product quality and increasing market share. To achieve the research goal, the researchers relied on the descriptive approach through relying on books and periodicals and foreign and Arab articles, theses and dissertations related to the topic of research. The researchers reached to a set of conclusions, the most important of which is that the use of cleaner production costs contributes to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and the production of environmentally friendly products that meet environmental requirements.