The Impact of Knowledge Management Strategies in Developing of Innovative Capabilities for Workers An analytical Study in a Group of Private Banks in Iraq


The study aims at knowing the nature of the relationship between knowledge management strategies and the innovation capabilities for workers in a group of private banks operating in Iraq. The study tries to achieve the goal on the descriptive analytical approach and four banks were represented in the Middle East Bank for Investment and Finance, the Iraqi Investment Bank, Gulf Bank Al-Tijari, Al-Ahli Iraqi Bank. The study community was represented by (CEO, director's assistant, department heads and consultants, while the study sample was represented by (128) individuals drawn on the basis of the formula (N> 50 + 8 (P) and the questionnaire was distributed using the non-random sampling method, and (117) retrieved a valid questionnaire for the analysis. The study concluded through its results that there is an effect of knowledge management strategies in developing the innovation capabilities of workers at the macro level of variables. While the effect of expansion and leverage strategies in developing the innovation capabilities of workers at the expense of appropriation and probing strategies overshadowed. Accordingly the study recommended increasing interest in both conversion and verification strategies because it will increase the opportunities for knowledge sharing among workers on the one hand as well as prospecting and verification of the knowledge they have on the other hand .