Studying the Structural and Electrical Properties of Composite [x(Ba〖Al〗_y 〖Fe〗_(12-y) O_19 )(1-x) 〖Ni〗_(0.5) 〖Zn〗_(0.5) 〖Fe〗_2 O_4] by Sol-gel Method


Nanocompound of BaAl_y Fe_(12-y) O_19, Ni_0.5 Zn_0.5 Fe_2 O_4 and nanocomposite [x(BaAl_y Fe_(12-y) O_19 )+(1-x) Ni_0.5 Zn_0.5 Fe_2 O_4 ] were prepared by Sol-gel method with a ratio x= 10, 25, 50, 75%. The samples compressed as a tablet under 7 ton⁄cm^2 hydraulic pressure, and these tablets were sintered at a temperature of 900 ℃ for a period of two hours (2h). The X-ray diffraction revealed the hexagonal structure of BaAl_y Fe_(12-y) O_19 with lattice parameters c=23.109 Å and a=5.879 Å, while Ni_0.5 Zn_0.5 Fe_2 O_4 reveals the cubic structure with a lattice parameter a=8.358 Å. The grain size of the samples has been calculated by SEM and it was between (25-35) nm. Electrical properties showed a decrease in the dielectric constant values, loss coefficient from (282.4348),(73.0997) to (4.2752),(0.4322) respectively, and increasing the electrical conductivity value from (2.2023*10-7 Ω-1 cm-1) to (9.1754*10-1 Ω-1 cm-1) with increasing the frequency.