Identifying Wastages of Construction Materials in Residential Building


Wastage of construction materials can be estimated by the difference between the value of materials delivered and accepted on site and those properly used as identified and exactly computed in the work. The elements of construction wastage are wastage due to labor, material and machine. This research study organized to identify the percentage of construction materials wastage and the main factors which cause wastage in residential houses in Erbil. The questionnaire form was designed and sent to foremen, masons, supervisor engineers at construction sites as respondents who have at least 10 years’ experience in construction of houses. Data analyzed by the statistical package SPSS program (version 22). The results showed that the maximum percentage of wastage were in the sand, gypsum, wall tiles and floor tiles with relative average percentage of 13.7 ,12.08, 12.03 and 9.10 respectively, while the minimum percentage of wastage in construction material are false ceiling and paints with relative average percentages of 4.70 and 4.67 respectively. The most effective causes of wastages are due to cutting uneconomical shapes, ordering additional amount more than required, damages due to transportation, storage and handling. The best ways for reducing wastages of materials are procuring, handling, and storing properly.