This paper concerns with the behavior of the connections in the composite Profiled Steel Sheet with Ferrocement (PSSF) systems. The PSSF panels is a light weight composite panel consists of a profiled steel sheet (PSS) and ferrocement panel connected together by either mechanical fasteners or by epoxy adhesive resin. Ten push-out specimens were tested. The veriables were the strength of morter and the volume friaction of wire mesh for ferrocement panels, and types of connection between the two components. The ultimate load, the load slip relationship, and modes of failure were recorded. The results showed that the specimens connected by using* bolts of 10 mm diameter can sustain load greater by 64% than those connected by using bolts of 5 mm diameter. The ultimate load was found not to be inflenced** when the strength of ferrocement is increased from 35 MPa to 45 MPa. Also the effect of volume fraction of wire mesh was observed to enhance slightly the ultimate load when the layers of wire meshs is increased from 2 to 3 layers. For the specimens made by connecting the ferrocement components to the PSS by adhesive epoxy layer, a rigid connection was obtained and sudden separation occurred between the ferrocement component and steel sheet after local buckling of PSS.