Improve of indulines enzyme productivity from recombinantEscherichia coli BL21 (DE3)


In the present study, the effects of process parameters on inulinase production by recombinant Escherichia coliBL21 (DE3) have been studied by pH of medium, incubation time, shaking speed of incubation (rpm), hydrolysis ofInulin and effect of metal ion in activity of enzyme. The results indicated that increased of production inulinaseenzyme by change in parameter of which the optimal incubation time was 8 h, the maximal activity and specificactivity under that condition was 7.5 Unit/ ml and 19.7 Unit/ mg, respectively. pH of the medium of maximuminulinase activity 8.3 Unit/ ml and specific activity 20.6 Unit/ mg were obtained at pH 7. Increase in the enzymeactivity was observed as the shaking speed increase from 50-250 rpm, with the maximum inulinase activity at 200rpm. It was revealed that the enzyme had the efficiency to hydrolyze 85% of 5% inulin solution when treated at 40 ºC for 80 min.