The influence of the Mesopotamia religious beliefs in the ancient Iranian religious beliefs The flood Epic a example


Religious ideas and beliefs often define the general structure of a person's behavior and influence his customs, traditions, predecessors, and his intellectual and spiritual construction style .These religious ideas and beliefs had a great and clear impact on the civilizations of the ancient world, especially the civilizations of the Near East. The myths and epics of the ancient world have shown us many important, realistic aspects of the life and everyday life of ancient society, including religious and ideological thought and social thought. Where the myth of the Flood was mentioned in most ancient civilizations in different details, but the basic issue is the same. So The flood kills everyone but a few of the lucky ones or the blessed ones and those with them, in addition to animals to keep off spring for example.The story of the Flood, that common human, cultural, and historical heritage, embodied many images of humanity throughout history. The study of the story of the Flood and how it relates to many myths and religions among many people is very useful especially in the search for the truth, and if the impact of this incident was not great, it would represent the importance, reincarnation and widespread spread in the ideas of ancient peoples.The study aims to highlight the phenomenon of culture in the ancient Near East through the study of the epic of the flood in the civilizations of Mesopotamia and ancient Iranian and the statement of the impacts and similarity between them.