(Evaluation competencies of teachers of physical education in light of the variable experience and scientific qualification Directorate of Education of Baghdad Rusafa / second)


1- To determine the competencies of the calendar among the teachers of physical education.2 - The difference in the competencies of the calendar of teachers of physical education for the variable years of experience.3 - The difference in the competencies of the calendar of teachers of physical education to the variable of scientific qualification. It is important that the teacher has the various competencies of evaluation and the use of the educational calendar (diagnosis, composition, achievement) to benefit from the results and provide appropriate feedback in the use of tests and measurements and the ability to analyze and shed light on these results, the teacher needs those competencies of the calendar Which allows him to carry out his teaching duties in the best way, so we wanted through this field study to identify the degree of ownership of the Professor of Physical Education for the competencies of The study was based on the descriptive approach. The research sample consisted of the teachers of Physical Education in the Directorate of Education of Rusafa II / Municipalities Sector (24) teachers, and the researcher used a measure of competencies The following methods were used, the arithmetic mean, the standard deviation, and the variance calculation (t) using the SPSS statistical program.Through the findings of the researcher concludes the following: The degree to which the physical education teachers have a high degree of competence in the assessment is that they must be used as a criterion for the efficient teacher. As well as the absence of differences of statistical significance for the variables of professional experience and scientific qualification in the research sample.In light of the conclusions of the researcher recommends the following:Preparation of courses for teachers of physical education in the field of tests and measurement and evaluation, the preparation of the Teacher's Guide to the calendar.