Creative thinking and its role in developing Islamic concepts Among primary school students


Summary:Creative thinking or innovation is a kind of thinking that leads to new visions, ways and perspectives to understand things. Innovative thinking is a constant thinking. Research and scrutiny, ask and analyze things that have evolved through education and training. It transcends casual and thoughtful thinking. It is a research method for continuous development. The first step to be taken is to learn creative thinking methods in order to use them carefully in order to reach new ideas. Creative thinking is associated with the development of concepts in general and Islamic concepts in particular. It is one of the most important levels of knowledge building, Knowledge levels of principles, generalizations and theories through which the knowledge inventory can be organized so that learning becomes meaningful. Learning concepts is one of the most important challenges facing teachers in the field of education. An important component of Islamic education is that the use of innovative thinking skills in developing Islamic concepts within the classroom has a great impact on pupils and practice. It plays a major role in providing students with the necessary mental skills through implementing Classroom and extracurricular activities inside and outside the classroom. The current research aims to identify creative thinking and its role in the development of Islamic concepts among primary school students. The research was divided into three chapters:1 - The first chapter includes (the problem of research and importance and the goal and methodology) where the current research aims to identify creative thinking and the development of Islamic concepts. The methodology of the research has adopted analytical descriptive approach and the study of creative thinking and the development of Islamic concepts through the availability of sources, references, literature and previous field studies, analysis and study of all related aspects, to reach reliable results in creative thinking and development of Islamic concepts and then expand their importance And to identify their various areas through a general educational vision. The terms in the title of the research are (creative thinking, development of Islamic concepts).2 - The second chapter included the presentation and clarification of the importance of creative thinking and the characteristics of creative thinking and stages and methods of development.3 - The third chapter included the importance of the concept and the factors that affect it and the means and methods of development of Islamic concepts among students in the primary stage and then reach the most important recommendations.