Selecting Al Kufa City As a Capital in The Reign of Imam Ali (PBUH) : A Study in the Causes and Results


The study aims to expose the significant causes which causes lead to select Al Kufa city as a capital for the Islamic state during Imam Ali's (PBUH) regime (36h., 656a.c.). it is also studying the most important facts that are excreted by the political circumstances, which are considered the main factor in the selection. Al Imam Ali's (PBUH) knowledge and experience of the political position and what happen around him from different sides politically, social and military situations which contribute directly in such a selection. After that Imam Ali's (PBUH) experience and wisdom in such a situation decide the selection of Al Kufa and not any other places , for it has a strategic situation which occurs in the middle of other Islamic cities and of course there are a lot of other reasons.