In this research, a study was done importing potato crop in Iraq for the period (1997-2017), the aim of the research was to study the reality of imported quantities of potato crop in Iraq for the period (1997-2017) and to conduct an economic and standard analysis to know the factors affecting the quantities imported from this crop and forecast The future quantities imported for the potato crop. The research used the econometric method in the analysis, as it was determined in determining the model used on the unit root test (Augmented Dickey Fuller ). After reaching the results, it became clear that the time series are stable after taking the first difference and the FMOLS model was identified. The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which is that the domestic production was negative and consistent with the economic logic, i.e. the increase in production, the imports will decrease and was significant, while the local price variable came negative and agreed with the economic logic, i.e. the price increase, the imports will decrease and was also significant, while The international price was positive and contrary to the economic logic, while the national income variable was positive and its reference was consistent with the economic logic. The study recommends that agricultural producers pay attention to planting and producing potatoes and find ways to provide seeds for agriculture in the spring and autumn areas to reduce import from foreign countries and continue studies and research on developing appropriate plans for the policy to support potato production and support the prices of its production inputs in order to work on developing methods of production and raising the technological level used in the production The crop by introducing modern technologies.