Obstacles to applied scientific research for graduate students in Iraqi universities


Abstract: Although the universities, centers, and scientific institutions in Iraqi universities are replete with many scientific and technical cadres and expertise qualified scientifically and technically to produce scientific research and supervise graduate students, the process of producing applied scientific research in particular is encountered by a group of difficulties and obstacles that researchers have explored. During the personal experience, or through surveys of the opinions of graduate students and researchers in the departments in which researchers lecture secondly. The study aims to review the reality of applied scientific research in Iraqi universities. The study also seeks to demonstrate the importance of scientific research and its active role in achieving development. Also to reveal the obstacles facing postgraduate students and research professors in Iraqi universities, and to disclose the differences in students' responses to the problems facing them. The research assumes that there are variations in the obstacles that the researcher faces in the applied scientific sections that differ from one section to another, and the prior knowledge of these obstacles that the researcher faces in the applied scientific research makes it possible to avoid them by setting different strategies from the scientific section to another to overcome these obstacles or difficulties. The research follows the descriptive analytical approach in its theoretical aspect through reviewing generalities and definitions about scientific research to produce indicators and axes that summarize the difficulties faced by graduate students in Iraqi universities. In its practical aspect, the research follows the analytical and statistical approach through conducting a questionnaire on a selected homogeneous sample from a group of graduate students in scientific departments that includes applied research, which are each of the Department of Architecture - University of Baghdad, the Department of Biomedical Engineering - College of Al-Khwarizmi - University of Baghdad and the Department of Horticulture In the College of Agriculture - University of Sulaymanea, where the research methodology relies on analyzing the data from the questionnaire form as indicators to verify the validity of the research hypothesisAfter analyzing the results and conclusions, the research concludes with a set of recommendations and proposals related to the research problem