Special Competencies for the selection Process of English language supervisors from the perspective of specialized supervisors at the Ministry of Education


Abstract:Educational competencies are considered one of the main important aspects of evaluating the performance of both teacher and supervisor in a way targets to judge whether the educational process is achieving its goals and aims. The concept of competencies is back to the beginning of twentieth century when this term is used in preparing medical and engineering staffs as well as lawyers and educational managements. In 1973, the first step of identifying teaching skill has started. Then it produced the concept that stands on competencies which participated in framing teaching skills.The problem of the current research is determined by the importance of identifying some competencies that require in the selection of English language supervisors among other teachers who have scientific abilities that qualify them to serve as supervisors.The objective of the current research is to determine the educational competencies for selecting the supervisors according to: gender and qualification variables.