Asymmetry in American Middle East Strategy: Employing ISIS


Abstract: The realization of the goals and interests, especially for the superpowers, was not limited to the well-known traditional tools and methods, but these methods and tools were employed in new ways that were not previously expected or usual, especially if the consequences of this new employment are large and fruitful, and lead to achieving goals and interests and perpetuating global and regional control, hegemony and leadership, as this employment leads to control of all global and regional paths and interactions, and even internal ones in every country if applied to them, especially in those regions that occupy strategic importance in the agendas of the major and great powers, and it comes at the forefront of those regions The Middle East region, which constituted the vital importance of the United States of America, after it is the only superpower at the top of the international hierarchy, which worked to link security in this region with its national security, and proceeded to employ and adapt many new tools and methods that allow its survival and continuation as a major actor in the region of Middle East, to ensure the achievement of its goals and interests