Selection and athletic orientation for people with special needs (mobility impaired) in athletics A field study at the Pedagogical Psychological Center for the Physical Disabled in Oran


Abstract:Our current study aimed to identify the reality of selection and sports guidance for people with special needs in treatment centers and to sensitize and educate trainers of people with special needs of the necessity and importance of the selection and guidance process in order to reach the highest levels, and what the problem of this research revolved around: To what extent are the standards applied Correct selection and guidance for people with special needs in athletics? We have developed the following hypothesis: Educators do not consider the selection and orientation of sports due to its due importance when creating teams for special needs in athletics.We have relied on one type of tool, represented by a questionnaire form, by collecting the obtained results to arrive at the answer to the question posed, and we have also relied in our study on the descriptive approach, in order to adapt it to our subject. 10 specialized educators from the Psychological Center for the Physically Handicapped in Oran, and they were selected by the intentional method, then we calculated the arithmetic mean and percentages to know the results of the study.The results of the study were as follows: Educators and specialists do not depend on the selection and sports guidance processes in forming sports teams for the disabled.There are some recommendations that must be pointed out, which is the interest in training educators with competence to carry out the processes of selection and sports guidance for people with special needs (the mobility handicapped), while providing the necessary capabilities.