Doctors' Uses of Social Media (YouTube) And the Verifications Obtained from Them A Field Study on A Sample of Doctors in The City of Baghdad As A Model


The research aims to identify the nature of the uses and gratifications achieved for the research sample and they are doctors because of their use of YouTube sites on the practical and professional level and the methods of treatment and new medical diagnoses. The study consisted of a sample that included (285) doctors selected through the random sample available from Baghdad city hospitals and the results of the study showed There are statistically significant differences for the number of hours that respondents prefer in their use of YouTube, where the value of ka 2 = 120,100 is a statistically significant function at the level of 0.05 in favor of (more than three hours) per day, while no statistically significant differences were found between gender And between discussing the sample of the respondents to their colleagues or professors about what they are seeing information on YouTube, where the value of Ca 2 = 1,362 is not statistically significant at the level of significance of 0.05, and the study found a positive correlation between the respondents' use of medical sites and the benefits accrued to them at the level Medical, where the value of the Pearson coefficient was 0.989 at the significance level of 0.001.