The effect of oral folic acid supplementation on the course of acute infantile diarrhea


To evaluate the effect of folic acid on the course & management of acute infantile diarrhea to decrease the burden on the families & health services,150 infants aged 2-24months with history of acute diarrhea of 1-10 days duration were randomly selected from Al-zahraa teaching hospital in Najaf city .75 patients were received folic acid in a dose of 5mg at 8 hrs intervals in addition to the hospital treatment of acute diarrhea & the other 75 patients did not receive folic acid & left as a control group. The admission characteristics were comparable in both groups. Both groups were followed up during hospitalization for signs of improvement or complications & the period of hospitalization .the mean period of hospitalization ± 1SD was 3.09 vs.3.04 days for the folic acid vs. the control group respectively. The findings, therefore, should suggest the prevention of unjustified use of folic acid to shorten the hospitalization period of hospitalized infants with acute diarrhea.