Simulation Design and Layout of The Assembly Line Using Ranked Positional Weight Method / Applied Research in The General Company for Cars Industry


The Issue of Balancing Between the Assembly Lines is One of the Important Activities in the Management of Production and Operations Because of its Importance in Raising the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Assembly Line and Eliminate the Idle Time, it is Possible Through Balancing to Identify the Nature of Activities and Tasks that Occur in Line ,The Problem of Research Applied in the General Company for Automotive Industry - Assembly Line of TEBA cars is in the Low Efficiency of the Line In addition to the existence of idle time and suffocation between the work stations, So the Main Objective of the Research is to Balance the Assembly Line According To Ranked Positional Weight Method To Treat these Issues a System has been Designed to Rearrange and Balance the Assembly Line Using the language of Microsoft Visual Studio , For the Best Arrangement and the Difficulty of Reversing the Actual Reality has been Access to The Simulation Model was Introduced to Implement the New Arrangement through which the Number of Productive Units was Increased and the Work Flow was Ensured and the Bottlenecks in the Assembly Line The Research Reached a Number of Conclusions, the Most Important of Which is the Low Efficiency of the Current Arrangement, Which is shown by the Decrease in the Actual Production Volume Compared to the Design Capacity. The Simulation Model Designed in the System Proved its Ability to Simulate the Actual Reality and the Extraction of the Required Results, , And recommends that the researcher implement the new order of the assembly line obtained using the system .