Modeling, simulation and implementation of photovoltaic panel model by proteus software based on high accuracy twodiode model


The outcome of the present work is to propose a high accuracy two-diode , photovoltaic (PV) panel model. Thismodel is analyzed based on mathematical equations that describe the analogous of the two-diode PV panel circuit.This circuit includes the source of photocurrent, two diodes, a parallel resistor, and a resistor in series. Since, theProteus software provides in its library many electronic models and microcontrollers, the associated model ismodeled and simulated by this software instead of Matlab/ Simulink. Moreover, the proposed model is tested bythis more accurate and nearest software for implementation; then the total hardware implementation is built aftergetting a satisfied simulation result for same components circuit. The proposed model is confirmed by emulating itsspecification through experimental measurement information. Hence, this PV panel model is linked to the Arduinoboard with sensors for current and voltage to obtain and monitor the PV panel model parameters. To validate thepropose PV panel experimentally, a real component of a 120W prototype PV panel was implemented and theresults drawn with its corresponding simulation results. By studying these results, the theoretical analysis ofproposed model is very accurate and efficient in extract PV panel parameters comparison with one-diode PVmodel. Therefore, the obtained proposed simulation and experimental results are very close.