The Syrian Crisis and It`s Impact on The Iranian-Turkish Interests Equation


The Arab region has been subjected to a wave of change due to the revolutions that have swept many Arab countries since the end of 2010, which overlooked the concepts of political thought in the Arab revolutions, although they came by surprise to everyone, as they contributed to bringing about changes in the structure of the Middle East system, which differed from whom One country to another, some of them were violent, while others did not witness acts of violence. However, many did not expect that these revolutions would extend to Syria and constitute a shock to the regional actors, both Iran and Turkey, because Syria is a focal point and importance for each of them in their regional projects. Their policies have witnessed a development that reflects the extrapolation of developments in the Syrian scene, as they form a circle of participation and exposure of their positions on the Syrian crisis to redraw their policy to be one in support of Syria and the other hostile to it, based on the perceptions that each party draws in view of the geo-strategic importance of Syria for their influence. To put them before a serious test in how to deal with this scene, and despite the state of collision the two sides have reached due to their contradictory positions, they are linked to common interests and seek to balance their interests in order to benefit at the regional and international levels.


"Syria, Iran, Turkey"