Surface Contamination and Dose Rate Verification of Fertilizers common in Iraqi Plantations using RadEye B20 Detector


Twenty-three samples of granular chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizerscommonly utilized in Iraqi ranches were collected. The samples were prepaid and stored in aMarinelli beaker to measure; dose rate, general count rate and surface contamination of thesamples using the RadEye B20 detector, firstly with shield, secondly without the shield toestimate the effect of shielding on the measurements. The results showed that using shieldmade a significant decrease in the radiation measurements reached about 25%. However, themean value of surface contamination, dose rate and general count rate with shield were0.54Bq/cm2, 0.65μsv/h, and 0.28Cps respectively, and without shield being 0.34Bq/cm2,1.33μsv/h, and 1.52Cps respectively.