The Reality of Agricultural Crops and Animal Production in Selected Areas of Tuz Khurmatu District Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


The agricultural activity is considered one of the most important economic activities prevailing in the study area, due to the abundance of natural factors appropriate to it in terms of climate and soil elements, in addition to the availability of water resources represented by the Kirkuk Irrigation Project and its branches in the study area, as these characteristics contributed to the emergence of the oldest agricultural villages, including the small sweet villages. And the largest in the provinces (38, southern large Halwa, 16, northern large Halwa, 33, small Halwa).The agricultural sector is one of the most important productive sectors that drive the activity of the agricultural industry, as it produces food commodities and raw materials. The agricultural industries sector also contributes effectively to securing food for the human being, and achieving the greatest degree of self-sufficiency in food products. The development of agricultural products is linked to the development of the agricultural and animal sector activity as the main source of raw materials for the food industry.