The commercial markets in the hejaz until the end of the umayyad state


Abstract:- The markets in the lives of people in ancient times a key factor to spend their supplies and needs and meet the requirements of their lives. The Arabs have known the markets since ancient times and not limited to the original function of the human and coexist with them, the process of selling and buying, but to other functions not related to the function of the market, Islam, bragging, bragging, poetry competitions and others. It has an economic, religious, political, social and literary significance. The markets in the Hijaz were of great importance in spreading the Islamic call through the prayer tours initiated by the Prophet. For Islamic as a gathering place people watch it.As a result of the conquests and the expansion of trade and the large number of arrivals to Mecca for Hajj, the availability of cash and the spread of consumer habits in food, clothing and adornment.Keywords: market. Trade. Hijaz.