Poetic Language and Connotation: A study in the Poems of the Poet Abdul Razzaq al-Rubaie


Poetic language is considered as the most important expression and construction poetic tool in respect to its origin and its relevance to poetic significance and meaning. This research is based on poems selected from the poet Abdul Razzaq al-Rubaie’s poetic products of two volumes. It handles the subject through analysing and investigating different sections that shed light upon the progress of the poetic language in his poems. The first section is an introduction to the poetic language. The second section focuses on the poetic language, the dialogue of the self and the other. Then, the third section is about the poetic language style and significance. Finally, the fourth section is devoted to the aesthetics of poetic language. The researcher selected a number of poems for each section to analyse and to investigate their poetic construction in line with research methodology that fits each section. In this context, the poetic language is the active essence of the poetic movement of these poems, in a way that makes the research in this field abundant, fruitful and useful to reveal the essence of the poetic experience.