The Palestine War of 1948 and Iraqi Military Cooperation


The injustice inflicted on Palestine is unbearable, as the Jews placed it in their imaginations, masterminding lies and fabricating stories to seize its land and its goods and settle it with many pretexts and help the great and great powers of it. Therefore, a number of intrigues were hatched against it that began with the Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916, followed by the sinister Balfour Declaration in 1917. To give the green light for the Jews to move to Palestine and form the gangs that began to displace the defenseless population and the Jewish intentions began to expand to establish a state on the usurped Palestinian lands, so the Arabs played a major role in defending the Arab lands and at the end of the forties, and to implement the Zionist plan to establish a Jewish national home over the Arab lands in Palestine, preparing, mobilizing, training and organizing until the war began in 1948 to end those chapters and occupy ((Israel)) the Palestinian lands. Military cooperation was its first manifestation in Palestine when the Salvation Army was formed, and it was led by senior Iraqi officers and the rest of the officers from the Arabs, and the Arab armies entered the Palestine War in 1948.