alsahabi aljalil alaqre bin habis  (t: 33h/653m) and his impact on Islam


This research dealt with one of the important personalities of the Companions when he had a prominent role in historical events, whether before or after Islam, as Al-Aqra bin Habes was the master of his people and among the famous Arab sages before Islam, so the Arab tribes at that time often had disputes between them either over the Hima areas. Or as a result of a tribe raiding another tribe in the hope of obtaining the spoils, and as a result, human and material losses occur between the two parties, even within the same tribe. Often there is a conflict that leads to the lives of some people. In BaniTamim . As for after his conversion to Islam, his status and light increased, Islam became one of the heroic fighters in the invasions of the Prophet. The conquest of Iraq and the regions of Khorasan .