Proposing core functions with a two-stage method to estimate the SPSEM model


This study examined a study and analysis of data characterized by spatial reliability ofobservational units and to deal with spatial dependency. A semi-parametric spatial selfregressionerror model (SPSEM) that suffers from the problem of spatial errorcorrelations using some estimation methods was used, as the greatest possible methodwas used to estimate the parameter of error The spatial (λ) of the SPSEM model and nonparametricmethods for estimating the preamble function m (X) .These methods are atwo-stage method for a local linear estimator using the Kernel function (LLEK2), and atwo-stage method for the linear estimator using the first proposed kernel function (SUG)1K2), and a two-stage method for the positional linear estimator using the secondproposed Kernel function (SUG2K2), using the spatial contrast and contrast matrix oferrors to remove the effect of the spatial correlations of errors.