The effect of strategic leadership in laying the foundations of the learning organization


The present study aimed to test the effect of strategic leadership through its dimensions (a focus on the customer, operational efficiency, business development, organizational innovation) based on (Duursema, 2013:58) In the variable (learning organization) Through its dimensions (personal excellence, mental patterns, shared vision, team learning, systemic thinking) based on (PARK, 2006:30) of the working individuals in the satellite channel Karbala and they are study sampl numbered (165) individuals by using the (Questionnaire Form) designed for this purpose and analyzing the obtained and statistically processed data. And the research adopted using some statistical methods to achieve the most important and related results (Rank Correlation Coefficient (Spearman), standard deviation, T test, simple correlation coefficient, and regression analysis) used by statistical program (Spss V.15;Amose V.21) and the results proved that the hypotheses are correct.The study found several conclusions the most important of it (an association and effect relationship with moral significant within variables of the study). And presents a set of recommendations that related to its variables, The most prominent of them is that the researched organization should encouraged to work according to the principles of learning organization and approved as a basis for the development of associate and the development of performance and therefore its impact having over a sustainable competitive advantage against its competitors.